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Distinction in Global Health 2014-2015

The Distinction in Global Health is an opportunity that is provided to students who demonstrate exceptional dedication to providing longitudinal service over four years to an underserved group with a global perspective in mind. Below is a set of minimal requirements that must be met by the student after acceptance into the program. The key factors leading to distinction are longitudinal service over 4 years and maintaining a commitment to an underserved group. After completion of the service and review of the service activities by GHLC, a decision will be made on an individual basis to confirm that the student qualifies for the distinction.

The application must be submitted to the Global Health Learning Community (GHLC) by
 December 5th at 11:59 pm. Applicants should use their first semester of school to demonstrate their passion for global health through service (see Year 1 requirements below).

Once acceptance is granted into the Global Health Distinction program, the GHLC will assist the student in choosing a faculty member to serve as his or her mentor. The mentor is charged with following the progress of the student, aiding in the search and development of projects and providing guidance throughout the experience.

Award Guidelines
1. The student must remain in good academic standing as determined by standards set by the Committee on Student Progress and Program Planning.

2. The student must participate in longitudinal global health service opportunity that consists of active involvement with a community or population.

3. The student must write reflection papers at the end of each year describing the projects he or she has completed and knowledge he or she has gained from his or her experiences.

4. The student must complete a Global Health Immersion Project and present it in the community or an educational setting.

5. A portfolio of the student’s initial application, tracked experiences with written reflections, and Global Health Immersion Project components will be provided by the student to the GHLC. The GHLC will verify that all requirements were met and recommend the distinction to the Saint Louis University School of Medicine.

6. All aspects of the Distinction must be completed and submitted to GHLC no later than 10 weeks prior to graduation.

The Global Health Immersion Project
The student should identify a personally engaging topic within global health from which he or she will design a project. This project will serve to focus the student’s gained experiences and knowledge into an applicable mission that serves to aid the global health community.

The Global Health Immersion Project may be fulfilled during any year of medical school.

General Project Examples:

  • Clinical Research
  • Basic Science Research
  • Project Abroad
  • Project with international populations within the United States

* All projects must be approved by the GHLC.
** The Global Health Immersion Project may not be shared among the other distinctions.

Detailed Requirements

Click here to see a full list of all the requirements

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