Monday, August 27, 2012

GHLC Volunteers at Festival of Nations

On the 25th and 26th of August, twenty seven first and second year students represented Saint Louis University School of Medicine as First Aid tent volunteers at the twelfth annual Festival of Nations in Tower Grove Park. This St. Louis tradition was a wonderful opportunity to bring together participants and spectators alike who enjoy experiencing the brilliant cultural backgrounds that make up St Louis’s amazing cultural diversity.

Hosted by the International Institute, the 2012 Festival of Nations was a great success amongst the entire community. With over 140,000 visitors, it featured food from over 40 different countries; all-day performances of singing, dancing, and demonstrations; and crafts from the far corners of the world. Not only was the fair an opportunity to experience the large different cultures first hand, but it is also offered great opportunities to the city’s minority populations. Geared towards newly arrived 
immigrants, an area called “Citizen Corner” provided resources to educate immigrants on American culture, the United States government, and even register to vote. A new feature to the fair this year was the addition of the “Interfaith Partnership/Faith Beyond Walls”, which provided more information on world religions. This booth specifically was geared towards educating festival-goers of the similarities and differences of different religious backgrounds.

 SLU SOM’s main role in the festival was running a first aid tent. Student duties ranged from handing out needed band-aids or Tylenol to keeping people hydrated in the heat of the day, all while interacting with local citizens. It was truly an excellent opportunity to interact with the outside community, promoting physical and mental wellness, all while taking an active role in a famous St Louis tradition.

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